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  1. The Cardinals hacked into the Astros database

    16 June 2015 - 10:24 AM

    Classiest team in baseball, for sure.

  2. 8 year old asks for Neil Walker Autograph

    05 September 2014 - 02:11 PM


  3. Neal Huntington's Trade History

    23 August 2014 - 12:35 AM

    I know this has been done before here but I couldn't find it. But with Josh Harrison and Travis Snider having surprisingly strong seasons I realized those were two Neal Huntington trades that actually worked out well in the Pirates' favor, something that doesn't really happen very much. I think we were all in favor of the Snider for Brad Lincoln swap, but I can't remember the Harrison trade being all that popular. So I wanted to go back and see how those trades -- and all of Neal's trades -- have turned out.

    I did a quick WAR comparison, only looking at what the players in each trade did with the teams involved. So Neal doesn't get credit for Brandon Moss going to Oakland and turning into a 30 home run guy, and Jesse Chavez turning into a useful starting pitcher doesn't count against him.

    Overall, I count 106 trades in which players trade hands. Overall, Neal comes out behind at -22.2 (32.4 WAR acquired, 54.6 traded), which is pretty bad. What's amazing is 1) how many of his trades have had absolutely no impact on the fortune of the team, 2) how that negative number is due almost entirely to the Jose Bautista trade. 44 of the trades had a difference of no greater than 1.5 WAR in either direction. Only 11 trades had a difference of greater than 2.0 WAR in either direction.

    His trade history with the Pirates basically comes down to a ton of inconsequential moves, one massive mistake and one pretty big mistake.

    Here is a quick rundown of the best players Neal has acquired and traded.

    Josh Harrison -- thanks to this season is on top. That's a pretty sorry list on the left.

    Posted Image

    And here are the worst players.

    Posted Image

    Aki! Iwamura and Kevin Hart were so bad with the Pirates that they accumulated that combined -2.9 WAR in only 64 combined games with the team (54 for Iwamura, only 10 for Hart). Brandon Moss' turnaround with Oakland is astonishing because he never really did anything with Boston at the Major League level before he was traded to Pittsburgh.

    Neal's Best Trades

    1) Pirates Acquire: Jose Tabata, Jeff Karstens, Daniel McCutchen and Ross Ohlendorf: +9.1
    Pirates Trade: Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte: +0.5
    Difference: 8.6

    2) Pirates Acquire: A.J. Burnett: +3.9
    Pirates Trade: Exicardo Cayones and Diego Moreno: 0.0
    Difference: +3.9

    3) Pirates Acquire: Charlie Morton, Jeff Locke and Gorkys Hernandez: +1.9
    Pirates Trade: Nate McLouth: -0.9
    Difference: +2.8

    4) Pirates Acquire: Josh Harrison, Kevin Hart and Jose Ascencio: +4.1
    Pirates Trade: Tom Gorzellaney and John Grabow: +1.3
    Difference: +2.8

    5) Pirates Acquire: Mark Melancon, Stolmy Pimentel, Ivan DeJesus and Jerry Sands: +3.5
    Pirates Trade: Joel Hanrahan and Brock Holt: +0.8
    Difference: +2.7

    6) Pirates Acquire: James MacDonald and Andrew Lambo: +2.5
    Pirates Trade: Octavio Dotel: 0
    Difference: +2.5

    7) Pirates Acquire: Travis Snider: +1.4
    Pirates Trade: Brand Lincoln: -0.4
    Difference: +1.8

    Neal's Worst Trades

    1) Pirates Acquire: Robinzon Diaz: +0.4
    Pirates Trade: Jose Bautista: +29.5
    Difference: -29.1

    2) Pirates Acquire: Andy Laroche, Brandon Moss, Craig Hansen and Bryan Morris: -1.2
    Pirates Trade: Jason Bay: +7.1
    Difference: -8.3

    3) Pirates Acquire: John Bowker and Joe Martinez: +0.2
    Pirates Trade: Javier Lopez: +4.4
    Difference: -4.2

    4) Pirates Acquire: Tim Alderson: 0
    Pirates Trade: Freddy Sanchez: +2.9
    Difference: -2.9

    5) Pirates Acquire: Brett Lorin, Aaron Pribanic, Nathan Adcock, Ronny Cedeno and Jeff Clement: +0.8
    Pirates Trade: Ian Snell and Jack Wilson: +2.8
    Difference: -2

    6) Pirates Acquire: Draft Pick: 0
    Pirates Trade: Bryan Morris: +1.9
    Difference: -1.9

    7) Pirates Acquire: Aki Iwamura: -1.6
    Pirates Trade: Jesse Chavez: 0
    Difference: -1.6

    The Jose Bautista trade might go down as one of the most lopsided trades in Pirates history, if not the most lopsided. Keep this mind: In nine years with the Chicago Cubs, Aramis Ramirez only accumulated a +23 WAR. Bautista is already closing in on +30 in only six full seasons and 20 games of a seventh with Toronto.

    The Jason Bay trade turned outt o be another laughably bad deal. When Bay was traded in 2008 his OPS+ seasons with the Pirates were 140, 150, 138, 94 and 136 while he accumulated a +15 WAR. For that, the Pirates received next to nothing. Within three years Andy Laroche and Brandon Moss were granted free agency and left for nothing and Craig Hansen was released. Bryan Morris was the only one that remained through this season, having pitched 93 pedestrian innings. He was traded to Florida (where he has since excelled) for a Competitive Balance Pick.

    Bay's career started to tank in 2010 when he signed with the New York Mets, but in his year-and-a-half with Boston he hit just like he did in Pittsburgh and finished 7th in the American League MVP voting in 2009 while also going to the All-Star Game.

    The only thing the Pirates have to show for Jason Bay today is Conner Joe.

    After those two trades, there really haven't been any trades that have hurt the Pirates (though, the Grilli and Morris trades this season both look bad in hindsight). But man, those two blunders were huge.

    The other problem is that Neal hasn't really had any lopsided trades in his favor. The Nady/Marte trade was a surprisingly big success, even though Jose Tabata is all that remains (and even he has been banished to AAA for what seems like forever). But how sad is it that that trade is -- by far -- one of his greatest successes in the trade market?

    The A.J. Burnett gamble paid off, and Josh Harrison's 2014 season has really salvaged the Gorzellaney-Grabow trade and turned it into a clear win. The Marlon Byrd, Derek Lee and Justin Morneau trades were fine as short-term rentals, but you might be able to point to one or two trades that really had any sort of a positive impact on the Pirates over multiple seasons. In seven years, that's ... not ideal.
  4. The Doldrums of Pittsburgh Coaching

    01 March 2014 - 01:37 PM


    during which they looked listless, undisciplined, and were often outcoached

    Of course, I strongly disagree with this, especially the "often out coached" part. The only one I'd point to him being out coached in was the Philadelphia series.

    A goalie playing out of his mind (Halak, Rask) doesn't mean you were out coached.
  5. The NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    23 February 2014 - 10:00 AM

    Posted Image


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