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  1. Neal Huntington's Worst Trade

    03 July 2017 - 11:56 PM

    In the Bautista trade, he gave up a future home run king for literally zero production. The LaRoche trade was giving up a good player for literally zero production, because Neal also waived Hunter Strickland. The Bay trade was just an enormous pile of fail. Each prospect in the McLouth trade generated exactly 0 pitching WAR for the Pirates, and two of the guys were pitchers. Gorkys and CFS Morton each generated exactly -1.5 batting WAR for the Pirates, finishing well behind Locke's -.5
  2. The "Failures" of Ray Searage

    21 September 2015 - 07:07 PM

    On this board, we argue about Ray Searage, because worshipping him is what OBN would do. I don't think there are any Searage haters, but some people point to pitchers he failed with to argue that he's not as good as the rest of the world thinks. It's true that he's not 100%. There's no reasonable argument that he did something to improve, say, Jonathan Sanchez. However, there are four pitchers commonly listed among his failures that I don't think are actually failures on his part:

    1. Radhames Liz

    Radhames Liz still sucks. That question has been settled. But a couple weeks ago, there was some doubt as to whether he still sucks, or whether he doesn't suck anymore, and the truth is in the middle. Radhames Liz sucks, but quite a bit less than he used to. In 2009, Liz was given half a season's worth of starts and had a 6.72 ERA. Those aren't just bad numbers. Those numbers make a guy a legitimate candidate for worst player in baseball. This year, his BB/9 and K/9 are both significantly improved, and his 4.22 ERA is more like a garden variety AAAA guy than the worst player in baseball. The fact that he was pitching in extra innings during a pennant race is a little disconcerting, but it's also not Searage's fault. Used in his proper role as a guy who gets called up to pitch mop-up innings, he wouldn't be out of place. Obviously, that's a role with negligible value, but negligible value is a hell of a lot better than negative value.

    2. Charlie Morton

    Charlie Morton also sucks. Morton has actually been a serious candidate for worst player in baseball on two seperate occasions: 2008 in Atlanta and 2010 in Pittsburgh. Morton would have been a better candidate in 2010 if not for a string of serviceable starts at the end of the year, after Searage had been hired as the pitching coach. Since 2010, Morton has been anywhere from a tolerable BOR guy (most years) to a tolerable MOR guy (2013). Making something vaguely valuable out of something with negative value isn't as sexy as turning vaguely valuable pitchers into stars, but it's certainly not failure, either.

    3. James McDonald

    This is the weakest statistical case so far, because according to ERA and ERA+, McDonald sucked in LA and sucked worse in Pittsburgh. However, most of the peripheral stats say that McDonald sucked in Pittsburgh but sucked worse in LA. McDonald's FIP, WHIP, H/9, BB/9 and K/9 all improved under Searage, with significant improvements in WHIP and walks. Searage had him throwing strikes. And while this didn't make his ERA better, it did improve his overall results. McDonald's total RA/9 in LA was 4.81, against an average expected RA/9 of 4.06, while in Pittsburgh he put up a 4.54 against an expected 4.39--in other words, he started giving up fewer runs overall despite pitching in more difficult conditions. He was still below average, but quite a bit less so. It's hard to classify that as a failure of coaching.

    4. Jeff Locke

    I'm not sure why Locke is used in these arguments at all. Jeff Locke sucks, but since he's only played in the majors under Searage, we have no idea how bad he would suck without Searage. He might be the same, better, or worse. It's impossible to assess, which means Searage should get an incomplete here, not an F.
  3. Game 58

    09 June 2015 - 06:11 PM

    3B Harrison
    RF Polanco
    CF McCutchen
    2B Walker
    LF Marte
    1B Alvarez
    C Cervelli
    SS Mercer
    P Liriano

    SS Segura
    C Lucroy
    RF Braun
    CF Gomez
    3B Ramirez
    1B Rogers
    LF Parra
    2B Perez
    P Jungmann
  4. Puds Series Continues

    29 May 2015 - 09:14 PM

    Polanco RF
    Walker 2B
    McCutchen CF
    Marte LF
    Kang 3B
    Alvarez 1B
    Cervelli C
    Mercer SS
    Liriano P

    Solarte 1B
    Norris C
    Upton LF
    Kemp RF
    Middlebrooks 3B
    Gyorko 2B
    Almonte CF
    Barmes SS
    Shields P

    Let's keep the streak going.
  5. How Good is Andrew McCutchen?

    12 July 2014 - 10:36 PM

    Is there anyone on the planet playing better baseball right now than Andrew McCutchen?


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