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  1. In Topic: Pirates Minor League Thread

    Today, 02:37 AM

    If you set aside the fact that race isn't a real thing in biological terms, it's determined either two ways: unscientifically or pseudoscientifically.

    Unscientifically, race is based on how a person looks and where their ancestors came from. Polanco looks like a black man. He has a black man's hair and skin. His features are mixed, but there's black in the mix. He undoubtedly has ancestors from Africa. Put this another way: do you think lunch counters would have served Gregory Polanco in the 1950s?

    Pseudoscientifically, race is determined by bullshit theories from the powdered wig days, when they had something called the "one drop rule." Basically, if you have any black ancestors, you're black. Polanco undoubtedly had black ancestors. By that rule, he's black.

    Anyway, getting away from my fixation on always being right, if you don't call Polanco black, you sure as hell can't call him white either. So my original point that it doesn't matter what color a ballplayer is still applies.
  2. In Topic: Pirates Minor League Thread

    Yesterday, 08:58 PM

    Why did Malcolm X think he was black? He was born in the same continent.

  3. In Topic: Trump Presidency Thread

    Yesterday, 08:54 PM

    No, you're definitely not.
  4. In Topic: Trump Presidency Thread

    Yesterday, 07:28 PM

    View PostGoBucs21, on 21 July 2017 - 07:23 PM, said:

    I had Preibus and McMaster ahead of him but with the new news, Sessions jumps to the top. You can bet there are some Democrats who would like to visit Session in the federal corrections system.

    I bet a shitload of inmates would like to visit him there, too.
  5. In Topic: Pirates Minor League Thread

    Yesterday, 07:20 PM

    Why does it matter what color a player is? Gregory Polanco is black. Kris Bryant is white. I'd still rather have Kris Bryant.


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