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  1. In Topic: Official Penguins Off Season Thread

    Yesterday, 01:44 PM

    Ha. Yeah, the first thing I noticed was the Pitt score.

    So now that my Pens ticket from my Vegas trip paid off, I just need Pitt to win the national championship in football to be a big winner (350 to 1).
  2. In Topic: Official Penguins Off Season Thread

    23 June 2017 - 09:28 PM

    Well Rutherford is nothing if not honest. This move is consistent with everything he's said since the middle of the season. He basically said fuck it. If my team has to deal with this shit so will other teams. How many times was he quoted as saying they're going to add a tough guy?

    And I earlier posted the quote about her doesn't give a shit about draft choices.

    Plus we know he targets a player that he thinks fits his needs (see Hainsey).

    So he basically targeted the best of the skating and able to play every day tough guys. He traded a draft choice for him. And Sundquist, more later.

    This guy isn't Sestito. He actually can skate. He's nothing more than a 4th line guy, but he can play at that level.

    The only head scratcher is Sundquist. All I can guess is that they were less thrilled with his performance than they said publically.

    Oh and I think it indicates they'll make every effort to sign Bonino.
  3. In Topic: Official Penguins Off Season Thread

    23 June 2017 - 03:47 PM

    View PostWinterset Resurrection, on 23 June 2017 - 03:38 PM, said:


    And it's so damn important. When the Pens were unable to develop their own wingers internally, every trade deadline saw them robbing Peter to pay Paul- trading high round draft picks for short-term veterans that were gone after 2 months.

    It's really enjoyable to see the franchise so well-run now.

    um. that's not what they've been doing lately. They've been trading the draft picks... and for good reason. And they might still trade this one. Here's the quote from Rutherford (on DKs site):


    Will he trade draft picks?

    “Yes. That’s what is most likely for us this summer. You don’t want to trade them, but the thing about draft picks is, you never really do know how they’re going to turn out. When you’ve got good prospects, you’ve got a pretty good idea. When you’ve got good players at the NHL level, you already know. But draft picks, you never know for sure. So I think that’s definitely what I’m most willing to part with.”
  4. In Topic: Random technology thread

    23 June 2017 - 01:54 PM

    Hey in a bit of temporary procrastination. Lately I've been thinking of some space travel NASA issues. As a takeoff point, I wrote this awhile ago

    View Postoblongatta, on 03 January 2017 - 11:49 AM, said:

    Well since you asked...

    I really only follow NASA and space exploration as something interesting and don't know the finer details of many of the issues. My general impression is that while I'd like it to go faster I think space exploration in general is at least moving in a positive direction. And it may be that the collaboration with private industry is entirely responsible for this. The selling of the space program is a little easier when it looks like the entire budgetary burden is not entirely on the government funds. Which in my mind has always been an absurd criticism since the budget for awhile was about 1% of the federal budget and is now less than 1% (I think these are roughly correct numbers).

    The other thing that is working out is the success of the SpaceX collaboration. Does it suck that there is a delay? Sure, but anytime a rocket blows up on the launch pad, some delay could be expected.

    Personally I'm optimistic that space exploration is moving forward. The collaboration with private industry is a big part of that.

    So to follow up I'm beginning to wonder about the reusable rocket direction. Of course it sounds good and better than we have now so why not.

    On the other hand I've been wondering about the space elevator idea. As best as I can determine, the idea is theoretically sound and would be unbelievably cheaper than rocket launches to orbit. Plus a technology that would easily work on other planets without the landing and relaunch risks. I'll have to look more into current status of the idea/reseach. From what I recall, the only issue was the strength of the cable. And open issues if the lower anchor should stationary or be movable (platform on the ocean) to avoid cable impacts.

    Anyway, just something that has been eating up some of my brain space.
  5. In Topic: Another nutjob goes off...

    23 June 2017 - 01:42 PM

    I no longer have any clue what is being discussed in this thread. Let me know when it gets back to maggot therapy.


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