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  1. In Topic: Trump Presidency Thread

    Today, 03:12 PM

    View PostMidnight Moose, on 21 August 2017 - 02:54 PM, said:

    Good Christ. And the truly sad part is Pearson's position has some support. Especially among Southern Republicans. Pearson isn't the first person I've seen try to explain that slavery wasn't that bad - that slaves actually had things pretty good, all things considered. Those people need to try it for a month or so. They should go to Georgia, and convince a cotton farmer there to give his machines a break, and let them pick a couple hundred pounds by hand. For free. See how they like it.

    And the women got to get raped at no extra cost. Sometimes they even got raped in the master's big ole bed, so that's another one in the plus column.
  2. In Topic: 2017 Movie Thread

    Today, 12:01 PM

    View PostGoBucs21, on 21 August 2017 - 11:31 AM, said:

    I would the ones you mention thusly:
    1. Spotlight - it was riveting. I thought everyone was fantastic. It certainly breeds a lot anger for the Church.
    2. The Big Short was just an outstanding movie. Here's the cliche comment. The book is better because there is a good deal more detail and story. Still, the movie was excellent.
    3. Bridge of Spies - I love spy movies and this one didn't disappoint. Since the wall came down, people have forgotten what is was like when we weren't embracing Russia/USSR
    4. The Martian was good but not great. It was entertaining.

    I was surprised the Big Short was that good of a movie. I thought the book was good (I liked most of Lewis' books) but didn't think it would translate.

    I think the most surprising thing for me from Bridge of Spies is that there must have been some tension with East Germany wanting to be an entity outside of the USSR. Really want to check out a movie or some historical perspective book.

    (and not surprisingly, even though I loved the Martian, there too the book was better)
  3. In Topic: 2017 Movie Thread

    Today, 10:53 AM

    Continuing my tour of older movies I finally saw Bridge of Spies last night. Very enjoyable. Maybe the Americans made me nostalgic for some Cold War era movies. I kinda would like to see some more movies about that time period (the building of the wall) in East Germany.

    So going back to the 2016 Oscar movies:

    Really I liked all three of these so this is my guess at how much I liked them:
    1) The Martian
    2) Bridge of Spies
    3) The Big Short

    <big drop>
    4) The Revenant

    didn't see (yet?):
    Spotlight (really want to see but it hasn't shown up on my tivo yet)

    wish I could burn the memory of it out of my mind:
    Mad Max: Fury Road
  4. In Topic: 2015-16 TV season thread

    17 August 2017 - 11:44 PM

    Holy shit. Why have I never watched Mike Tyson mysteries before? And why had no one here mentioned it?

    This is surrealistic brilliance.

    I get a huge amount of enjoyment out of my assumption that Iron Mike has no idea what the hell is funny.
  5. In Topic: 2017 Movie Thread

    17 August 2017 - 01:58 PM

    View Postthedefdog99, on 17 August 2017 - 01:50 PM, said:

    Why would you watch a X-rated movie on TV?

    I imagine it was edited.

    It was on one of the movie channels (Starz maybe?). I don't think it was edited. I think it was X-rated because of the gay content (it was 1969) rather than anything graphic but I could be wrong. Maybe it was edited.


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