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  1. OT: If Disney had the guts, Josh Dobbs, more

    26 May 2017 - 09:30 PM

    Time for Star Wars fun and some other random thoughts since I've been away.

    It's been book-book-book 24/7 so I am intentionally putting it aside for a day or two. Going to finish this revision before querying some agents. Would rather take a referral, so if anyone here knows a good Lit agent, you're more than welcome to give it a read to see if you'd like to make an introduction. Actually, any of you are welcome to read - feedback is scarce.


    If Disney had the guts - Poe Dameron would be their villain.

    Yep. Poe.

    Look. He is the only one of the main characters that no one speculates about. We know who his parents are. He isn't a force user, or a mystery, and everyone loves discussing Rey's parentage and whether or not Finn has a backstory and may be force sensitive (did he really hear the screams of the doomed planets in his head as Starkiller wiped them out?), etc.

    No one is talking about Poe. Hell, they even ensured that no one is talking about him by telling us (when no one asked!) that he wasn't even supposed to survive the TIE crash. But wait - do you really believe that? They cast the tremendous Oscar Issac, created him as a dashing pilot, the best pilot the resistance has, poached personally by Leia for Chrissakes. Then he survived Ren's torture and even rescued and named the main male lead. And... they were going to kill him? When has Star Wars ever done that? Did this look like a movie that was going to do that? But why would they lie? Because now no one is even thinking about him as they hide a Sith lord... in plain sight.

    Think about it.
    1) Best pilot in the galaxy - Leia even mentions in the novelizaton that Poe reminds her of her brother as a pilot. Best pilot since Anakin. Short list of families who have accomplished blowing up mega weapons in space.
    2) Pre-TFA canon talks about Luke questing to recover a sapling of a force-sensitive tree but finds.. two. Balance of light side and dark side is a running theme and he finds two. Guess where one ends up? With POE'S FUCKING MOTHER. Guys, they're doing this right in front of us. Poe grew up in the shade of that tree.
    3) Sith manipulate the minds of the one they choose to be their apprentice. He's grooming Finn, even 'marked' him with his jacket and there is solid evidence Finn may be force sensitive.
    4) For fuck's sake, he flies a black X-Wing. They're playing with it right in front of our faces because they can get away with it.
    5) After the TIE crash - where the fuck did he go? His "I was thrown from the crash" sounds like complete bullshit. What - he fell out of his jacket?

    The big one for me is that I do not and can not believe that they had originally intended to kill him, but it seems like such a dumb, needless thing to lie about. Unless there's a reason.

    Moving on...

    So happy for you guys with the Pens. Wish I followed hockey more. Keep saying that I should. But nowadays, so busy anyway.

    Have yet to see an inning of Pirates baseball this season. Sure, because I'm mad at them, but now I'm doubly glad because I don't want to see the deterioration of Cutch, my favorite player in Pirates history.

    Winter, think I messaged you my email. If I didn't, message me again. Let's talk.
    ASO, GBucs, ECBucs, cell phone got totaled - lost your numbers. Text me.

    I love Josh Dobbs more than anyone here. Read some good arguments that 99% of his issues are fixable, footwork issues and that he has a lot more time and energy for football now than he ever has. We'll see, but he's my kinda guy so maybe I'm biased. Love him. I think this draft was sneaky-good. A few will surprise you guys with how on-the-nose they are. Side note - Google "Josh Dobbs Goonies." Trust me.

    Is there anyone anywhere who likes Roger Goodell?

    Filling in mad libs with filthy, racist words is fucking hilarious. A good time always.

    Back to lurking for me. Bye for now! Keep me updated because I don't care enough to go anywhere else to see how the Pirates are doing.
  2. Hey guys

    17 April 2017 - 05:22 PM

    I need a break. Lots of things going on. Need to unplug for a while, though I'll check in and so forth and lurk. Going to take all of my concentration to finish the process of selling the book. A lot of it is out of my hands now, but I will do what I can to speed it along. I'm just overwhelmed with the way things are at the moment with long weeks, a second kid on the way, squeezing in time to write and take manuscript meetings, and I've had a lot on my plate and on my mind and this isn't fun at the moment so I'm stepping out. But I'll be on the porch.

    Pirates win 90 games.

    Penguins at least advance to the finals.

    Steelers lose to the Patriots in the playoffs.

    There's my accountability for now.

    Oh, and fuck the Ravens.
  3. Schnoah

    03 April 2017 - 09:19 PM

    I'm more excited by a Shnoah appearance than I was for opening day.

    Stick around, bro.
  4. Winter

    16 November 2016 - 03:15 PM

    You had me at "hello."
  5. Mike Cameron

    20 October 2016 - 06:54 AM

    Poops his pants.


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